Whereas most businesses start as a labour of love and then are turned into a business, I must admit it's been the opposite with DESAVERY. I could see there was a real opportunity in the growing area of natural, plant-based skincare and thought it might be an interesting area. At the same time there seemed to be a lack of products that were natural but also complex and potent. So often, 'natural' products seemed to me to be quite simple and lovely but didn't necessarily live up to what we expect from today's skincare products. As I started to do more research - and I got heavily into reading about ethnobotany, the science of skincare and recent studies around plant oils, I realised that these 'natural' ingredients, if sourced well and used therapeutically could be very complex, very effective and that amazingly, they had the power to alter brain chemistry when inhaled. All of a sudden what seemed like a good business idea had become a real passion (and to be honest by that time I had learned skincare was wildly complex, too many promises on bad science and was reliant on feeding into the insecurities around ageing and looks! Plus there weren't that many good products for men). I was hooked! And since last year, I have been immersed in the creation of DESAVERY.

Fast forward and it's amazing to hear from people who are really enjoying the benefits of my products. it's been a thrill to hear from my most knowledgeable and product-loving friends that they can see a real difference in their skin, and from people who really only started using my products for the mood enhancing properties (and to be nice to me!) but see a difference in their skin. 

Because this is my own business, I'm building it my way -  and I am not reliant on a large manufacturer. I have the ability to directly source the best ingredients and ingredients that I know are sustainably sourced. Many of my ingredients are sent within weeks of pressing and I make my products in small batches so that I can adjust for the variances in the plant oils (a little like wine, in that some harvests are different than others). Since launching I've hired a few fantastic people who are cosmetic and operational geniuses!

I have a lot of plans and ideas for DESAVERY but right now, it's all about enjoying the sourcing and making of the products so that hopefully you will try them and then spread the word! Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and supporting me.


XXX andrea 

Andrea Dinnick