With a background in media and television, Andrea was an executive at the Walt Disney Company based in London and has been a reporter and presenter in broadcast television in both the UK and Canada.

A graduate of McGill University, Andrea is a Canadian resident of the UK where she has lived for the past 20 years with her husband and three children. When she's not busy with DESAVERY she loves to surf and would love to run her business from the beach!

Andrea Dinnick, CEO & Founder

A few years ago, like so many of us, I became very interested in the science of health. There was period of time (around 2013) when all the things we intuitively knew, like sleep being good for you or meditation changing your brain were backed up by scientific studies proving their efficacy. Even though I am not a particularly scientific person I felt this evidence convinced to me try some of these things. I started to incorporate some of these ideas into my life and was quite amazed by the impact they had on how I felt and ultimately how I looked – my main learning here (again something I think we all know anyway) was that these two things are totally connected.  The more I meditated, slept well, worked on being happy – the better I looked. 

I came across a few interesting articles about plant oils and how we might start using these amazing ingredients as a way of lessening our dependents on synthetic chemicals. Sure enough there was loads of interesting research in this area and I was amazing to learn that their aroma, when inhaled can impact our biochemistry. As I researched these wonderful plant-based ingredients, I was amazed at their potency to heal and nourish skin too.  Could I make a skincare product that would not only be great for skin but also impact the mood and mind? It seemed like an 'out there' concept but as I developed the products and got such great feedback, it seemed like a project I was destined to create. Have a look below at some of the ideas I have incorporated into the products. Drop me a line if you have any questions or comments. I'd love to hear from you.

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