I launched DESAVERY in late 2017 with a mission: create fantastic skincare that’s as good for your skin as well as your mood and mind.

I knew the products needed to have the absolutely best ingredients and that they needed to be effective, come from the best places in the world and be harvested and sourced sustainably.

The mood and mind changing element was the fun part. An evening cleanser that helps you fall asleep, a daily serum that lowers cortisol levels: we’ve harnessed all the scientific research so that our products will have you feeling and operating at your best.

So here they are: luxury skincare products made with the purest ingredients, directly sourced from around the world and made in small batches so that they are fresh and can deliver effective therapeutic properties.

Please get in touch! I'd love to hear about what's working for you and what products you'd like to see next!


The thinking behind desavery

I wanted the absolute best ingredients for the job at hand and I wasn't put off by the price or the difficulty in sourcing them. It took a long time to find my prickly pear seed oil but now when I call Fatima and my oil is delivered to me a week within pressing it was worth the time it took to find her. 

I ‘reverse engineered’ the skincare ingredients. Instead of starting with a product in mind, I started with the end result I wanted and then sought the ingredients that were most effective. Hydration, protection from pollution, smoothing, plumping, nourishing and brightening were the goals and I found the most potent ingredients and made sure there was sound evidence that they worked.

Therapeutic doses: nothing works unless you have the right amount. No different from supplements or medicine; we all know that a very low dose of vitamin D, as an example, is probably not worth taking. 

My ingredients are like food: nothing processed, nothing added, organic, I want to know where they come from and I want to find the best place where each ingredient is grown and produced.

Choosing sustainable ingredients: prickly pear has been identified by the UN as one of the best crops to grow as we face climate change. Vetiver helps with soil erosion and detoxifies water. We can actively choose to patronise businesses who are helping the planet.

Beautiful packaging. If I use it everyday and it’s sitting on my bathroom counter it better look good. Luckily for me I have the most talented sister. I have driven her crazy all hours of the day and night - sorry!  I love our branding and packaging. Thank you Sarah.