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Winter Skin

Winter Skin

This winter we're all spending a lot more time outside than we ever have. It's where we exercise, meet up with a friend for a walk and if we're lucky see our extended families from a distance. Here are some easy winter skin tips to keep your skin at its glowing and best whatever the weather!

Avoid hot water. It's never a good idea anyway but especially in the winter. We've all got this fantastic barrier on our skin; its made of fatty acids, ceramides and enzymes that keep skin soft, moisturised and protected. Hot water breaks this barrier down leaving your skin sensitive and exposed. Turn your face away from the water when you're having a hot shower and only use lukewarm water on your face.

Facial Oils vs. Creams. Water-based moisturisers can freeze on the skin and cause broken capillaries. Oil has a much lower freezing point. It will stay soft and pliable on your skin. We love oil all year round but it's got even more benefits in the winter. 

Protect Your Skin. Remember to use an SPF. Winter sun came be deceptively strong. Snow and ice can reflect up to 90% of UV rays so don't forget your sunscreen.

Hydrate inside and out. Drink lots of water and herbal tea to stay hydrated especially with dry indoor heating. Apply a serum like Smooth Hyaluronic Acid to dampened skin; it acts like a sponge and holds moisture in your skin. Seal it in with a facial oil like Stellar, Pure or Lit! to boost levels of fatty acids and amino acids - these will help boost your skin health.