SWEET Mood Remedy

SWEET Mood Remedy


The roller for when you ought to be a little sweeter! If life’s frustrations are getting to you, inhale this beautiful floral aroma with plant oils designed specifically with ingredients that will boost your serotonin, soften your mood, lift your spirits and induce relaxation.
DIRECTIONS: Applyonpulsepointsespeciallyonwristsandinhaledeeplyforafewdeepbreaths.Ifyouhaveheadache symptoms be sure to apply around the hairline where hair follicle shafts can absorb the therapeutic ingredients. Avoid getting too close to your eyes are these are very strong oils.

INGREDIENTS: Simmondsiachinesis(jojoba)seedoil,Jasminumofficinale(jasmineflower)oil,Pelargoniumgraveolens (geranium leaf) oil, Rose, Lavender, Litsea cubeba (may chang) oil and Cananga odorata var. Genuana (ylang ylang) oil.

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All of our rollers are contained in glass bottles with steel roller balls to protect the ingredients from damaging UV light. To learn more about the specific impact of our ingredients on biochemistry and the science behind the formulas, have a look at the scientific citations below. Keep out of reach from children and use within 12 months. As always, our ingredients are organic and have no added chemicals or synthetic ingredients. No animal testing and vegan.